Care Certificate

As the Care Certificate is not an accredited qualification there is no direct funding to support its delivery and assesment.

However, where the content of the Care Certificate is delierered as part of an accredited QCF unit or qualification, then Workforce Development Funding could be claimed for those QCF units. You would not be claiming funding for the Care Certificate as such, but for the QCF unit - but the result would be the same.

The Care Certificate Mapping document on the left  sets out how the Care Certificate maps across to QCF units that are used within accredited Health & Social Care qualifications. It is a reference document for use by those who may need to make links between the Care Certificate and the QCF units. It is designed to reduce duplication of effort in cross-referencing and mapping these units and enables those who are claiming the Workforce Development Fund to identify a monetary value for each unit. 

We suggest that you speak to your training provider about cross referencing the evidence used for your new staff member's Care Certificate and their QCF qualification (such as a level 2 Diploma in Health & Social Care) or individual QCF units that best map to the Care Certificate.


Noroflk Care Awards Skills for Care Accolades DFN Matrix