N&SCS Care Provider Meetings

Regular meetings for Norfolk's care providers

A number of times a year Norfolk & Suffolk Care Support hold meetings for local care providers where we give presentations and hold workshops on topics of interest to the sector. These meetings are free and open to all providers. We try to move them around the county.

On this page we provide the presentations which were used at the meetings.

30 November 2017

Presentation (N&SCS)

Presentation (Paul Martin, Health Ambassadors on Integrated Traineeships)

Presentation (Jill Jepson, UEA School of Health sciences on Placement Opportunities)

Presentation (Walter Lloyd-Smith, NSAB on Safeguarding Adult Reviews)

Presentation (James Beiley, NCC, LiquidLogic, ContrOCC and the Provider Portal)

Presentation (Sarah McPherson, Miniature Donkeys for Wellbeing)

Presentation (Skills for Care updates - not presented at meeting due to time contraints)

16 August 2017

Presentation (N&SCS)

Presentation (Walter Lloyd-Smith, Norfolk Safeguarding Adults Board)

Presentation (Fran Woodall, Skills for Care)

Presentation (James Bullion, Norfolk County Council)

22 March 2017

Presentation (N&SCS)

Presentation (City College Norwich)

Presentation (Skills for Care)

7 December 2016

Presentation (Part 1)

Presentation (Part 2)

Recruitment presentation

5 July 2016

Presentation 1: Values- based recruitment and working with schools and colleges (Sarah Steele)

Presentation 2: Recrruitment and Retention in Norfolk's Adult Social care Sector (Ruth Grant)

Presentation 3: LEP Skills Plan (Izzy Shaw)

7 April 2016


Responses from table discussions

14 January 2016


Care Certificate feedback and Q&A

17 September 2015

Presentation Part 1 - Topic: WDF Funding

Presentation Part 2 - Topic: Apprenticeship Training Agency

Presentation Part 3 - Topic: I Care Ambassadors

5 March 2015

Presentation - Topics: WDF Funding, Care Certificate and Work Placements at City College Norwich


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