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CQC update: Additional prompts added to some Statutory Notifications forms
< April 2019

CQC update: Additional prompts added to some Statutory Notifications forms

CQC are making some changes to the way they ask you to report some incidents to us with the aim of reducing the amount of follow up work they need to do with you. These are interim changes, which form part of a larger piece of work.

Registered providers must notify CQC of certain changes events and incidents that affect their service or the people who use it, notifications are submitted through their portal or via completing a downloadable form and sending it to them by email.

To make it easier for you to understand what they need to know when you notify them and to help capture additional, more detailed information, CQC are adding additional prompts to the word versions of the following notification forms in the additional information field:

CQC ask you to continue to notify them, but to also consider the issues identified by these prompts. This change is intended to reduce the need for CQC to contact you to obtain more information by ensuring they have all relevant facts at the earliest opportunity.

CQC are currently working on a major project which is intended to improve statutory notifications forms and guidance in relation to:

  • Deaths;
  • Serious incidents;
  • Abuse; and
  • Police involvement.

They are making these interim changes to some of the existing notification changes whilst this larger project is underway. This project aims to reduce the impact on you telling them about incidents that do not meet the threshold for a statutory notification,  and removes the need for CQC to ask for further information relating to an already submitted form. Improved intelligence at an earlier stage will ensure they are assessing risks within provider services appropriately.


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