Free webinar from SCIE - Mental capacity upcoming changes
< August 2018

Free webinar from SCIE - Mental capacity upcoming changes

SCIE is hosting a webinar to discuss the forthcoming changes to the Mental Health Act and the Mental Capacity Act, and how the interface between the two may change as the laws are amended.

A distinguished panel of policy and practice expertise in both the MCA and the MHA will help practitioners, academics and others reflect on the important changes in how people's rights are protected at vulnerable points in their lives.

Confirmed panel members include:

  • Ilora Finlay, Baroness Finlay of Llandaff - Welsh doctor, professor of palliative medicine, and an Independent Crossbench member of the House of Lords
  • Rachel Griffiths - National Professional Advisor to the CQC on the Mental Capacity Act and a MCA and Human rights specialist.
  • Mark Trewin - Mental Health Social Care Advisor to the DoHSC and NHSE for the Mental Health Act Review and the Joint Special Interest Group Lead for Social Care and Social Work with the Positive Practice Collaborative for Mental Health.
  • Steve Gilbert - A Vice Chair of the Mental Health Act Review and Serious Mental Illness Living Experience Consultant.

Friday 14 September 2018, 13:00 – 14:00

This is an online only event.

Register HERE.


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