Improvements being made to the Norfolk County Council Bed Tracker
< September 2018

Improvements being made to the Norfolk County Council Bed Tracker

Norfolk County Council are building on the success of their Bed Tracker and making improvements to how they work together with providers to arrange care in the residential sector.

In January 2018 NCC launched a new process for residential homes to inform them when vacancies become available. Over 60% of care and nursing homes in Norfolk have benefited from using NCC's online form, quickly and easily sharing vacancy information that NCC use to broker care.

The information you submit has enabled NCC to arrange care placements quicker than ever before and provide Norfolk’s citizens with better information about the homes available in the market.

NCC are making several improvements to the Bed Tracker in preparation for winter, focusing on information that will help them to identify suitable homes with capacity. To increase the efficiency, suitability and speed of Norfolk County Council placements they will also be prioritising placements with providers who are using the bed tracker on a regular basis.

NCC will announce more detail about the changes they are making over the coming weeks. In the meantime, you can continue to submit vacancies with the current version of the Bed Tracker.

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