Norfolk County Council Bed Vacancy Tracker for Care Homes
< February 2018

Norfolk County Council Bed Vacancy Tracker for Care Homes

Norfolk County Council have developed a process to enable you to provide our Brokerage Service (formerly Care Arranging Service) with updates on bed vacancies in your care home. Using a web form you can inform them of current capacity in your care home and help them support consumer choice and prompt placements.

The Council works with service users to identify accredited care homes that meet their requirements, and to help inform this process and support prompt placements they are asking you to submit valuable market intelligence using a short and simple web form. By supplying this information you will be helping them to quickly and efficiently arrange care within the market.

Submit your current vacancies using this web form

Up until now NCC's Brokerage Service staff received requests to find beds in a given area, they rang all the homes within a 10 mile radius of that location and extended this area depending on the availability they managed to find. Using this new web form to update your information as soon as you have a change in your availability (which may be daily in many cases) should save you receiving telephone calls from not only the Brokerage staff but also from social care workers looking to find urgent placements, such as for those needing to be discharged from hospital.

The data you submit via the web form will only be accessible to teams in Norfolk County Council to help support consumer choice and prompt placements when they are arranging care. This information will not be published or be in anyway publicly accessible. It will be used internally to understand where there is capacity in the care home market to meet the demands of service users.

You can find more information on how NCC will use this data, along with help on how to use the form, on their website.


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