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Specialist Award for Chefs in Health and Social Care now eligible for Workforce Development Funding

The CTH (IOH) Level 2 Specialist Award for Chefs in Health and Social Care has now been added to the list of funded qualifications and learning programmes for the Workforce development Fund (WDF). Employers can claim £180 towards completion of this qualification.

The qualification aims to develop learner awareness of diet and appetite issues, with a focus on nutrition and hydration being important in menu planning to enhance the health and wellbeing of people receiving care and support. It will also focus on chefs in this environment being supported to ‘texture-modify’ food for individuals with dysphagia.

This qualification has been custom-designed for people who cater for patients and residents in a health and social care setting and aims to develop their awareness of diet and appetite issues that may arise in this environment.

It covers the importance of nutrition and hydration in maintaining health and well being, how multi-professional teams work together to provide the level of nutritional care needed by different people, the needs of Dysphagia sufferers and how the condition impacts on diets and menus, how to cook food and amend menus for Dysphagia sufferers, the role of appetite and its influencing factors, and how to cook and hold food to maximise its effect on appetite. It supports the new International Dysphagia Diet Standardisation Initiative (IDDSI) framework which emerges in April 2019 to guide chefs on texture descriptors and testing methods.

Full details of the qualification can be found here: https://www.cthawards.com/qualifications/culinary-programmes/cth-ioh-level-2-specialist-award-chefs-health-social-care/

The list of WDF funded qualifications and learning programmes is available on the WDF page of our website: https://norfolkandsuffolkcaresupport.co.uk/funding/workforce-development-funding

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