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Winter Pressures & Flu

Learning & development resources around winter pressures issues

On this page you will find useful links and resources to help with winter pressures. Additional downloadable documents can be found on the left hand side of the page.

Resources are now available for health and social care organisations to use and adapt to encourage the uptake of flu vaccinations by frontline staff.

These include posters, leaflets, email signatures and images. They can be ordered and/or downloaded from:

These resources include this leaflet to encourage staff to have the flu jab.




N&SCS Flu and Norovirus guide and ten top tips

N&SCS Flu and Norovirus Guide

N&SCS Flu and Norovirus Ten Top Tips A3 poster

N&SCS Flu and Norovirus Ten Top Tips poster (2xA4 sheets) - for printers that don't do A4

Flu poster to download, print and put up in your workplace.

Practical resources to support health and social care staff to reduce delayed transfers of care

NHS England and NHS Improvement have developed in partnership with the Queen’s Nursing Institute five key digital grab guides. This is in recognition of the pressures and challenges that can continue to build in the system during the winter months.

Through using these guides, health and social care staff can address the evidence that staying in hospital for longer than required drives adverse outcomes for patients.

  • Act now - maximise your leadership this winter
  • Act now - plan for discharge early
  • Act now - getting people “home first”
  • Act now - new technology to find care home availability
  • Act now - look after yourself, look after others: flu immunisation

The guides can be downloaded from:


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