Norfolk & Suffolk Care Support Ltd

Activity Update

January - February 2020

Phil attended the JCP Careers Information and Apprenticeships event in Great Yarmouth.  A very well attended event with good engagement and lots of enquires about apprenticeships.

Sarah attended the Year 9 and 10 Apprenticeship event at Dereham Netherd High School.  450 students from years 9 and 10 attended, some of whom attended with their parents.  Lots of good questions – particularly around apprenticeships and work experience.

Sarah and Phil attended the Norwich work skills.  This was an interesting event and a first for the organisers.  The older students in attendance were very well prepared and came along with some good questions.  A lot of them knew who they wanted to speak to and had clear career plans post sixth form.  The younger students were a little more self-conscious but overall, a useful exercise.

Sarah attended the Careers Fair at Sheringham High school with two, new I-Care Ambassadors.  Marie Quantrill from Lloyd Court and her deputy manager, Diana Younger came along to speak about their careers and how they got into care.  A very well organised event, the students were well primed and had some great questions for the Ambassadors.  They engaged well and enjoyed the activities and tasks.  The ‘speed dating’ style format worked well and gave the students a chance to get a feel for working in Social Care.

Sarah and Phil attended an assembly for Year 10 students at Jane Austen College.  Michael Chater, General Manager at Doughty’s and I-Care Ambassador also attended.  The assembly focused the students around the personal skills required to work in Social Care and also gave them a good introduction to the various career paths and qualifications available.  Michael spoke about his career in Social Care and took the time to answer questions from the students.  A well-attended event with good engagement from the students.

November - December 2019

Sarah attended the careers and apprenticeship event at North Walsham High School.  Michael Chater, General Manager from Doughtys and I-Care Ambassador attended too and shared his experiences of working in social care with the students.  A well-attended event with good engagement from the students.

May - July 2019

May was a busy month for schools and colleges activity, with a new I Care...Ambassador and several new school / Job Centre contacts.

We had a new Ambassador with us at the City College event on 1st May; Sally Lee from UR Choice Care Ltd, and we are delighted to welcome her to the ICA “crew”.

We carried out two Job Centre activities in May. The Norwich session was for work coaches to give them some up to date information on social care. They watched our DVD and completed an exercise around “the 6 Cs”. All 10 of the attendees fed back that they now had a better idea of what it was like to work in social care and that their overall image of social care had improved.

A Job Centre customer session in Lowestoft was a new contact for us and came about after staff there had attended one of our previous presentations in Norwich. Again the feedback was very positive and the majority of people felt that they had a better idea of what working in social care might be like, and an improved knowledge of the career opportunities available.

A session at Jane Austen College was another new contact. We presented a brief “assembly” presentation for 20 minutes to a group of Year 9s and Year 10s, again focussing on the 6 Cs.

With Katy as Enterprise Advisor at Cliff Park Ormiston Academy we had an introduction to Cliff Park in Gorleston. Our first session was to do some “mock interviews” with groups of older students who had been given a job description for a job in social care. This proved to be quite an eye opener for some, who had no clue previously of what social care was. This was also the first time that the school had run an event like this and it was a great success so I am sure that we will be invited again next year.

Our second visit there was a Dementia Awareness session, run by Christine. Again this proved to be very popular, with the majority of students reporting that they enjoyed the activity and learnt something new about dementia.

March - April 2019

We attended the 2-day Careers Festival held at the Royal Norfolk Showground. This year the date coincided with the national “Every Day is Different” social care recruitment campaign and we shared a stand with Emma Hammond, NCC’s Recruitment and Retention Coordinator.

On 27th March we were at full stretch with two JCP events on the same day, one in Norwich and one in Great Yarmouth. Both of these were successful.Pete attended the Norwich event where there was considerable interest from JCP customers in social care. 

Sarah and Michael Millage attended the event in Great Yarmouth. The first half was for JCP Job Coaches to learn more about social care and the variety of careers available. The second half was open to the public and Sarah was invited to deliver a presentation to both staff and customers on social care, including our DVD “Social Care: Got what it takes?”

November 2018 - February 2019

Over the last few months we have had contact with two new schools. The first was Cliff Park where Katy is now Enterprise Adviser, helping to increase connections between local businesses and schools.

The Hewett Academy was the second new school we had contact with. They had requested a short assembly presentation to their 6th form. The assembly talk involved showing our DVD and a short discussion on values. It was very well received and so we were invited back again in February for a follow up talk with the same group of students.

Schools visited were:

  • City of Norwich School (CNS)
  • Cliff Park
  • The Hewett Academy
  • Dereham Neatherd
  • Sheringham High

September - October 2018

This busy period saw visits to: Norwich Job Centre; Open Academy; Wymondham High; Diss High; East Norfolk College; Dereham Neatherd; Sprowston Community Academy; City College

A Nursing Associates talk was delivered by Christine following a specific request from the Open Academy’s Health & Social Care tutor.

The H&SC talk at Wymondham High was a joint session with Paul Martin from the Health Ambassadors scheme and was another of our “integrated approach” sessions. The students were very positive in their feedback and the teacher commented: “This session was very useful for our students – it made it real”.

An East Norfolk College event was delivered by Christine in partnership with Paul Martin and the feedback was very positive. This included responses that the talks “demonstrated different pathways to university,” and that the talks made them “feel more confident about apprenticeships, knowing I can become a nurse”.

A Diss High 'Life after year 11' event is one that we have done for the last three years. It involves talking to groups of students about career options and offering them quick practice “interviews”.  It is always a worthwhile event and enables us to have contact with a large number of students.

July - August 2018

Activity over the these two months was predictably slow due to the summer holidays.

In July we attended Wymondham College for the first time. The calibre of the students was very high, making it a worthwhile event to attend and hopefully one we can repeat in future years.

The Paston College event is a regular one for us and was attended this year by Christine and the Activity Coordinators from Broadacres.

Aylsham High is another regular fixture and was well attended by Aylsham High students.

April - June 2018

We attended 5 events between April and June. There were 2 events with City College Norwich. The first was a general careers fair which we attended with our I Care…Ambassador Simone. The second event was a specific joint presentation with Health Ambassador, Paul Martin, explaining the routes into nursing.

The Sheringham High School event saw us deliver 6 separate sessions on values in social care to groups of Year 9 students. The sessions involved showing our DVD and doing 2 separate activities with them, using the resources from the Care Connectors project.

January - March 2018

I Care…Ambassador activity has picked up a little in the first quarter of 2018.

We have had 2 events with the DWP. The first was for customers specifically interested in health and social care where Sarah and Chris Thompson, an I Care Ambassador from Thera Trust did a presentation on values based recruitment, including some activities for people to try. The event was well received and led to a number of enquiries that Chris was able to field.

The second event at St Andrew’s Hall was a jobs fair for all sectors.

In March we attended the annual Norfolk Skills & Careers Fair at the Showground, this year sharing a table with Thera.

Later in the month we participated in an event organised by Inspired Youth at The Space in Norwich. This was a “speed dating event” which always give us a good chance to engage with students.

We also attnded events at the following schools and colleges.

  • Dereham Neatherd High School
  • Sheringham High School
  • East Norfolk Sixth Form
  • East Coast College

November - December 2017

During November and December 2017 just one activity took place. We delivered a “Care Connector” classroom based activity for Nova training in Thetford that involved showing the DVD, doing a presentation on values-based recruitment and engaging the students in activities.

July – October 2017

During the summer term careers fairs activity increases. We attended events at:

  • Wymondham High School
  • Paston 6th Form
  • Aylsham High School
  • Diss High School
  • Northgate High School
  • Ormiston Venture Academy
  • Sprowston High School
  • Dereham Neatherd High School
  • And Great Yarmouth and Norwich job centres

The Paston 6th Form event was very effective. This year we were partnered with Health.  Sarah and NHS Career Facilitator Claire Fox produced a joint resource based on the “6 C’s”.

April – June 2017

We attended events at:

  • Sprowston 6th Form
  • Open
  • Dereham Sixth Form

In this period there was less activity which is not at all unusual during the exam preparation school term. The Sprowston 6th Form event was a success; we were one of a number of presenters to a 6th Form assembly and our DVD presentation was voted the most popular presentation of the morning!

We had another very successful event at Open with young people involved with the Prince’s Trust. On this occasion the young people had not expressed any particular interest in health and social care but nevertheless there were some who were interested at the end.

Dereham 6th Form College held a slightly different event where students signed up for hour long sessions with different sector representatives. We saw 20 students during the morning, where we showed the DVD, gave a presentation on values in social care and did a couple of activities. The feedback was very encouraging and since then one student has contacted us to ask about work experience, having never considered social care before.

February – March 2017

We attended events at:

  • St Andrews Hall
  • Holiday Inn Norwich
  • Norwich Jobcentre
  • Norfolk Showground
  • Great Yarmouth College
  • Attleborough Academy
  • The John Innes Centre
  • Open
  • The King's Centre (Great Yarmouth)

March saw the first of our presentations to staff and claimants at JCP in March. The presentation and accompanying activity were very well received and led to us being invited to do a quarterly presentation at the job centre, plus being part of a joint interview on Future Radio about careers in social care! The Careers and Enterprise Fair at the John Innes Centre was a big success, leading to an invitation to present to the Enterprise Advisors Network team meeting about how we might do more work with students in schools. Finally the Prince’s Trust event at Open was very successful, opening the way to more collaboration in the future.

February 2017

The last four months have seen us really motoring on our new Care Connectors project.

We have now delivered classroom activities to Health and Social Care students in five schools, all of which have been very well received, both by students and teachers.

The activities focus on giving students a flavour of what care work is like, including an introduction to assessment and care planning, an experience of sensory impairment and an introduction to the Care Act.

After the activity 99% of students said that they had a better idea of what it was like to work in social care and 74% said that the image they had of social care had improved. All the teachers said that they felt more confident about helping students explore a career in social care and that they would definitely recommend a Care Connectors activity to colleagues.

We have also finished filming our DVD for schools and colleges to use and are just waiting for the final edit. All very exciting!

October 2016

We supported the organisation of an Apprenticeship and Work Placement event at Hellesdon Hospital on 13th October.

We spoke to approximately 150 students over the course of the highly successful event. Feedback from the students shows that hearing about working in social care from the people who do it significantly increases their interest in a career in social care. The session also helped many of the young people realise that they were the type of person who could work in social care.

August - September 2016

Over the summer N&SCS successfully bid for funding from Norfolk County Council for a new 'Care Connectors' project, to build on the work we already do in schools through I Care…Ambassadors.

This new project has three activity areas:

  • A suite of new resources designed for health and social care students in schools and colleges. These resources follow the health and social care curricula and give students the opportunity to draw from the “real world” experience of Care Connectors, (some of our I Care…Ambassadors) as well as introducing them to the knowledge components of the Care Certificate.
  • A DVD that highlights the different career and learning opportunities there are in the sector, plus highlighting the values needed to work in social care.
  • In partnership with Beacon East, we are planning CPD events for teachers. These will be designed to bring teachers and care providers together, and for the first time facilitate discussions between them about how best to work together to improve the work placement and ultimately the recruitment process for health and social care students.

We already have a number of schools interested in piloting some of these resources.

In September Sarah attended a CPD meeting for Health and Social Care teachers at CNS, which encouraged another two schools, Sheringham High and Thorpe St Andrew, to be involved. Both of these schools agreed to trial resources in October.

The DVD is now in the planning stage and we anticipate filming to be completed by the end of November.

June - July 2016

We attended 7 events over the past two months, 3 of which were careers events where we had a stall and 4 were talks to different groups of students.

We have had 2 visits to Wymondham High in the last 2 months, one at their careers fair where Sarah presented a CV workshop for students, and one where Sarah and one of our newest I Care…Ambassadors Graham, from Extra Hands did a presentation to a group of Year 12 students on the options available in social care.

We also had 2 visits to Dereham 6th Form College, with whom we now have a very good working relationship. In June Paul Stacey, one of our most supportive and frequent ICAs went to Dereham Sixth form to do a talk to the students there. In July we had another visit to Dereham 6th Form; this time Sarah did a presentation on the Care Act to a group of H&SC students who needed to understand how the social care sector works and how care is delivered in practice.

In June Paul Stacey and Sarah did a talk to a group of Year 12 students at Sprowston High School. Afterwards students came to talk in smaller groups and a number of them said that following the talk they were now thinking about social care when they hadn’t considered it previously.

In addition to these organised ICA events, Anita Walter has been promoting social care careers through her own recruitment activities and in June invited us to join us at Swaffham where she was running a recruitment day.

Lastly, Michael Millage has been attending a number of primary school events with Steps Ahead Training, and will have attended 7 events by the end of the academic year, introducing around 200 young children to the concept of social care. 

August - November 2015

During the last few months we have attended no fewer than 14 events at schools, colleges and jobs fairs around Norfolk and had contact with around 600 students / unemployed adults who might be interested in a job in social care.

Our I Care...Ambassador ranks have swelled too, with Ben Cunningham from Orwell Housing and Michael Chater from Better Healthcare Services joining us during the last few months. We have also welcomed more employers, keen to get involved in the project - Independence Matters and Jeesal Residential Care Services have recently registered, with others in the pipeline.

Our events continue to be successful and in November we invited all the I Care...Ambassadors to join us for a meeting to review the service so far for the year and to look at how we might improve events for the future. We are looking forward having fun at many more events in 2016!

Paul Stacey having a laugh at a Jobs Fair in the Forum, September 2015

July 2015

July was a very busy month with many school careers fairs. Thank you all the ambassadors and associates who have supported events to share their passion for social care work.

We were invited to attend events at the following locations:

  • North Norfolk Futures – Paston College
  • Wymondham High School
  • Swaffham High School
  • Great Yarmouth College Careers Fair
  • Taverham High School
  • Cromer Academy
  • Dereham High School
  • Norwich Jobs Fair

A ‘cuddle’ of ambassadors at the North Norfolk Futures careers event. Chris Thompson, Thera East Anglia; Adam Waring, Manorcourt Care; Lucy Hoddy, Manorcourt Care; Louise Haddock, Support Me At Home; Kerry Hutchins, Support Me At Home.

May & June 2015

We have enjoyed an interesting two months with different activities to promote health and social care careers in Norfolk and new people joining the team.

We are delighted to welcome new ambassadors and employer partners to our service. Kerry Hutchins is a support worker from Support Me At Home, based in North Walsham. Amanda Bensly and Karma Wensley registered as associates, making a total of four representatives from NorseCare who are involved in our work. We need as many people as possible to share the positive stories about working in adult social care to meet the increasing demand to attend college and school careers events.

In May we were invited to Thetford Academy and King Edward VII high school in King’s Lynn for the first time. Sam Delcoure from NorseCare and Anita Walter from Extra Hands of Heacham joined us for a careers and parents evening at King Edward VII high school.

Thetford Academy teachers couldn’t resist playing the ‘open the sweet’ game with Katy. The game demonstrates the problems people face with lack of feeling, arthritis etc.


Sam Delcoure (NorseCare) and Anita Walter (Extra Hands of Heacham) talking to children and parents at King Edward VII School in King’s Lynn.


Norfolk I Care…Ambassadors Road Trip: Skills for Care invited us to make presentations about ‘what we do well’ at national events held in Leeds and London. Lucy Hoddy and Adam Waring from Manorcourt Homecare joined Diane in Leeds. Adam also came to London where we were joined by Michael Millage from PCT Care Services. It was useful to share good practice and find out how I Care…Ambassador services were run in other parts of England.

Lucy Hoddy (Manorcourt Homecare) and Diane en route to Leeds to make a presentation at the Skills for Care I Care…Ambassador workshop.


In June we were invited to North Walsham High School to give a short presentation about careers opportunities in social care. Kerry Hutchins from Support Me At Home told the Year 10 pupils why she enjoyed working in social care. Her manager, Louise Haddock, is very enthusiastic about talking to young people about the careers opportunities.

New employer partner, Louise Haddock of Support Me At Home in North Walsham, with new ambassador Kerry Hutchins.


Our new NorseCare ambassador, Amanda Bensly, was part of the team running an information stand at the Norfolk County Council’s Children’s Services conference ‘Enterprise for All’ on 17 June. We talked to several careers advisers and health and social care teachers about how we can raise awareness of employment opportunities and the increasing demand for staff in the next decade. We were there from 8 am to 5 pm with additional support from Anita Walter of Extra Hands of Heacham and Michael Millage of PCT Care Services.

Catton Grove Primary School is running a series of enterprise workshops and we were invited to work with 40 8-10 year olds to make them aware of working in adult social care. Lucy Hoddy and Adam Waring did a marvellous job of keeping the children’s attention by telling stories about their day to day work. The Skills for Care jelly feeding activity gave the children a chance to find out what it is like to be a carer or to be supported to eat and was, as usual, a very enjoyable, if noisy, experience. We all felt uplifted at the end of our workshop.

Everyone was involved with the jelly feeding activity at Catton Grove Primary School.

April 2015

New Ambassadors and successful training

Diane continues to mentor Year 10 pupils at North Walsham High School and also attended the annual speed dating event. Diane and Katy talked to approximately 100 year 9 pupils about potential careers in adult social care. Afterwards, Diane was asked to explain how the innovative mentoring programme worked by answering questions on stage at the Atrium.

Michael Millage (PCT Care Services) attended the East Norfolk Sixth Form College Careers Day. Jo Mallett and Linda came along from Thera East Anglia and had their own promotional display.

We welcome new ambassadors from Manorcourt Care – Lucy Hoddy and Adam Waring. Adam attended the Norwich Jobcentre Plus Social Care Jobs Fair on 31 March. We are very pleased that Thera East Anglia has become an employer partner and that Chris Thompson joined the ambassador team.

A successful development workshop took place on 26 March, attended by eleven ambassadors and associates. A successful application about ‘what we do well’ led to filming of the workshop activities for Skills for Care. It is likely that the video will be used to advertise the benefits of becoming involved in the I Care…Ambassador service. Sam Delcoure (NorseCare), Michael Millage (PCT Care Services), Lucy Hoddy and Adam Waring (Manorcourt Care), and Christine Futter (N&SCS) gave individual interviews to explain the benefits of being an Ambassador or Associate. It was an excellent morning of interaction and enthusiasm.

Michael Millage at East Norfolk 6th Form College

Adam Waring, Manorcourt Care, at the Social Care Jobs Fair

Group activity at the ICA development workshop

Filming commissioned by Skills for Care

December 2014/January 2015

Christmas and the school/college holidays meant that December was quiet, with one careers fair at Sheringham High School. It was a busy morning with five groups of students coming to our stand at 20 minute intervals to hear all about social care careers. We used the Celebrity Care activity, talking about celebrities who have care needs.

New I Care…Ambassadors/Associates recruited this month were two apprentices, Emma Seville and Isaac Bale, and Sam England, Team Development Manager from Leaf Care Services and Sam Delcoure and Jason Parker from Norse Care.

The New Year started very well with several events for January. A busy but satisfying month when we had several opportunities to promote social care careers. Here’s our ambassadors/associates in action. Many thanks to all of you for giving up your time and doing such a great job in sharing your passion for the work

Martin Symons, individual employer and Michael Millage from PCT Care Services at Norwich Jobs Fair on 7 January.

College of West Anglia (CWA) Fresh Start students who completed the A Question of Care video case study on 8 January.

Emma Seville from Leaf Care Services talking about her experience as an apprentice in social care at the Norwich Jobcentre Plus Jobs Fair on 14 January.

Sam Delcoure and Jason Parker from Norse Care at the City College Norwich Higher Education Careers Fair 22 January.

Bev Middleton from Eversley Nursing Home at the Great Yarmouth Jobs Fair 30 January.

November 2014

Four experienced ambassadors/associates attended events at Norwich City College this month. Allison Crowe, Tutorial Supervisor at the college, requested presentations for three groups of health and social care students. Bev Pickford of Manorcourt Care gave her first solo presentation at the beginning of the month and was delighted at the interest shown by the students. At the end of the month, Michael Millage and Denise Denis (The Aysham Manor) gave presentations to two groups – Michael specialised in domiciliary care and Denise discussed residential care for people living with dementia.

We received a request from East Norfolk Sixth Form College to give a presentation to health and social care students. Brenda Bond from Crossroads Care talked to the students about the various job opportunities and the importance of developing excellent communication skills.

Jo Tier, from Extra Hands of Heacham (Broadland Office), was kept very busy at the Cromer Academy Futures Careers Fair held on the evening of 20 November.

October 2014

Our new I Care Associate, Steph Scott from Your Choice Social Centre (pictured below) went to her first event at Sprowston High School Careers Fair on 7 October. She talked to a number of pupils about the many career opportunities in social care. The morning was busy with a number of enquiries. Later the same week, Michael Millage of PCT Care Services Limited, joined the N&SCS stand at the Norwich Jobs Fair held at the Forum. This Fair was the best attended in over a year and both Michael and Diane were kept busy throughout the morning. Michael took the names of over 20 people to follow up for possible employment.

At the Jobs Fair we were approached by F1 Training to give a presentation to unemployed people fast-tracking the Level 1 Award in Preparing to Work in Adult Social Care. Diane gave a presentation which was well received.

The last event in October was the Careers Fair at Ormiston Academy in Gorleston. 

September 2014

We are very pleased to welcome our first individual employer, Martin Symons to our team of ambassadors. We also welcome Steph Scott from Your Choice Social Centre in North Walsham. Steph has already agreed to join us at events at Sprowston High School and Cromer Academy Fantastic Futures.

Congratulations to the following ambassadors who have completed their online learning modules for Skills for Care:

  • Alison Albans, Hill Barn
  • Jo Tier, Extra Hands of Heacham (Broadland office)
  • Lorraine O’Connor, Eversley Nursing Home
  • Michael Millage, PCT Care Services

We need more people in the team to promote adult health and social care as a great career opportunity for young people. We have had requests to attend Health & Social Care classes at the following:

  • Norwich City College (over 200 students who would like first-hand knowledge of the sector)
  • East Norfolk College in Gorleston (their Health & Social Care teacher is very keen to have ‘experts’ in the sector give information to students)

We have been invited to attend Careers Fairs at City of Norwich School, Sprowston High School, Cromer Academy, Ormiston Acadmy and Sheringham Academy during the next 12 weeks. We need more ambassadors to bring to life the work that you do.


August 2014

May and June were quiet months with no activities in schools. Michael Millage co-delivered a training session for employment advisers at Great Yarmouth Jobcentre Plus. He was shocked to discover that most of the advisers would not recommend the sector to people looking for work. This echoed the views of delegates at an awareness-raising event organised by Skills for Care, attended by Jobcentre Plus advisers from across the Eastern region. Michael explained the career opportunities available and was able to persuade some of the advisers that the work involved more than ‘wiping bottoms and feeding people’ which was how the sector was described by one adviser.

  • North Walsham High School Apprenticeships Day
  • Lynn Grove High School Careers Event
  • Attleborough Academy Careers Fair

The North East Norfolk ‘Futures’ Event in North Walsham on 3 July was a particularly busy day with several cohorts of schoolchildren attending from high schools across the North East area. Our ambassadors did a great job of sharing their enthusiasm about careers in the sector and we’d like to thank Jo Tier from Extra Hands, Ellie Cant from Furze Hill and Michael Millage from PCT Care Services Limited. We would also like to thank Lorraine O’Connor from Eversley Nursing Home who supported our stand at Lynn Grove High School during the evening of 2 July. At both events we were able to increase interaction with young people with our ‘Unwrap a sweet wearing gardening gloves with your eyes closed’ activity, which proved very popular and worth repeating in the future.




We are holding our first Apprenticeship Fair in the Forum on 27 August and would welcome additional ambassadors to chat with young people about their work. We’re particularly interested in current and former apprentices who can share their passion for their chosen career route. Please contact Diane Evans for more information.

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