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Selecting the right candidate

Once you have attracted enough applicants through a range of recruitment methods, the next stage is to select the right candidate for the job.

A Question of Care is an interactive video challenge for people to find out about careers in care and if they’ve got what it takes to get a job in the sector.

It can be used by learning providers, schools and colleges you may be working alongside to ensure they, and the people they work with, understand what work in the sector is like. It can also be used to inform your selection process.

How employers can use this to support selection

A Question of Care has been designed to give test takers as indication of their suitability to work in the sector. Employers could direct candidates to undertake this prior to interview, or ask them to sit it as part of the interview process. You can then discuss their personal profile with them. 

A full guide for employers can be downloaded from the left of this page.

What is involved for the person taking the challenge?

They have to choose two or three scenarios to follow. They watch related video clips of things in the course of a care worker's day in that setting and answer questions after each section. Once completed they can view and print a personal profile.

Click the image below to go to the challenge website.



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