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Values Based Recruitment & Retention

New guides and tools from Skills for Care help you address workforce challenges

 Skills for Care values based recruitment and retention toolkit

Recruiting people for their values and behaviours ensures that you get the right people to work in your organisation, who know what it means to provide high quality care and support and are more likely to stay. This approach involves establishing strong workplace values and ensuring that your workforce matches them. Doing this will help to reduce time and wasted resources in recruiting the wrong people.

The Skills for Care toolkit includes:

The Leadership Qualities Framework as a guide to behaviours and values 

Easy to access advice and information

The toolkit is designed to help employers put social care values at the heart of their recruitment and selection practice, so that they can build a strong social care culture, help people develop careers in the sector, and deliver high quality services through having the right people in place, doing the right thing, in the right way.

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