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NHS Resources and Toolkits

Please feel free to use these documents in your organisation. If you wish adapt them for specific individuals or types of provision (e.g. domiciliary care) please contact the local NHS Care Home Practitioners Kate Wyatt or Irene Karrouze by email and they will be pleased to send you word documents for you to amend.

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Assessment of patients with a possible UTI

Delirium info sheet

Falls Assessment tool for care homes

Falls Diary

Foot Health Checker Tool for Care Homes

Gift ideas

Hydration (Indicator) & Care Plan

Hydration Information Leaflet

Hypo Treatment information

Improving Communication – SBAR

Pressure ulcer core curriculum

Pressure ulcers: revised definition and measurement

Professional UTI Prevention Checklist

Quick Look Care Plan

Reducing the risk of urinary tract infection

Session plan for SBAR and ABCDE teaching

Session plan for UTI and Hydration teaching

Setting daily fluid target levels

Sick day rules

Suspected chest infection checklist for care homes

Taking a Mid Stream Urine Sample

The Deteriorating Resident - ABCDE assessment

UEA Drinks Diary

UEA Drinks Diary guidance

Understanding clinical observations

Urgent call communication checklist

UTI checklist for care homes

In December 2017 Health Education England, in partnership with Public Health England, NHS England and the Community Health and Learning Foundation, launched a practical resources toolkit to help health staff tackle the challenges caused by low levels of health literacy and improve health outcomes.

Health Literacy Toolkit

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