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Wellbeing - social care managers

On this page we will post details of useful guidance and resources aimed at social care managers to help you support the mental health and wellbeing of staff, residents and service users during the COVID-19 pandemic

Promoting positive mental wellbeing for older people A quick guide for registered managers of care homes

DHSC guidance

Includes advice about how employers can take care of the wellbeing of their staff during the coronavirus outbreak.

Supporting staff following multiple deaths in care home environments - top tips

This printable sheet of tips is part of a series of Top Tips for Tricky Times produced by the National Institute of Health Research Applied Research Collaborations (NIHR ARC)

Local Government Association (LGA) and NHS England and Improvement guidance

The LGA and NHS England and Improvement have produced a comprehensive pack of wellbeing information and resources to help health and care managers support the wellbeing of staff who may be working under exceptional pressure to do their jobs while at the same time dealing with their own personal situations and emotions.

Leading compassionately through COVID-19: 10 evidence-based behaviours

Leading compassionately through COVID-19: 10 evidence-based behaviours

Guide for line managers: Wellness Action Plans (WAPs) - How to support the mental health of your team members

This guide is designed to be a helpful starting point in your journey as a line manager towards supporting your team members with their mental health at work.

Skills for Care COVID-19 webinars for managers

A series of webinars on a range of topics to support managers and their service during the COVID-19 pandemic. They are delivered live to a small number of participants and recorded for further viewing. Three in particular are linked to supporting people with their wellbeing.

Dealing with the impact of COVID-19 on your staff

This webinar looks at the impact of COVID-19 on workers and draws on examples from organisations who have developed effective strategies to support their staff.


Keeping your team motivated

Staff resilience and motivation are vital as employers try to meet the many challenges presented by the COVID-19 pandemic. This webinar highlights the leadership behaviours which staff find most satisfying and motivating in normal times, but especially so in times of crisis.


NICE guidance: preventing infection and promoting wellbeing

This webinar will focus on two areas of NICE guidance: helping to prevent infection and promoting positive mental wellbeing, considering the particular challenges for social care during the pandemic.

Skills for Care - Building resilience

This webpage shares resources that help team leaders and managers to build staff resilience at an individual level, at a team level and at an organisation level. Some examples include:

Greater resilience, better care A guide for adult social care managers to help them to reduce work-related stress and build the resilience of staff

Developing resilience in practice - Examples from adult social care employers

‘Building your own resilience, health and wellbeing’ guide is for anyone working in adult social care. It explains what resilience is and how you can build your own resilience

Wellbeing Support Service

The local Wellbeing Support service are running regular online webinars to support you through the Coronavirus pandemic.

  • Coping with Worry during Coronavirus Times
  • Everyday Wellbeing with Coronavirus Support
  • Improving Your Sleep
  • Coping with Bereavement During Coronavirus
  • Coping with Coronavirus Related Trauma
  • HHalthy Couple Relationships
  • Healthy Family Relationships
  • Coronavirus & Working From Home/in Isolation
  • Introduction to Mindfulness

E-Learning for Health: Introduction to Mindfulness programme

Introduction to Mindfulness is a short e-learning programme to provide people with an overview of what mindfulness is. It provides a definition of mindfulness, the evidence for it and where to get more information for further resources and support.


If you have been bereaved by COVID-19 (coronavirus disease), or if you are caring for someone who has, these pages are for you. Looking after yourself, whether you are bereaved or a carer, is of the utmost importance and will help you to cope at this very challenging time.



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